Relax into Birth PLUS

​Relax into Birth PLUS is an online, on demand course created by a doula and a midwife that provides you with the exact information, skills and resources you need 

so that you go into labor feeling confident and in control

Why YOU NEED Relax into Birth PLUS

  • 1

    Reduce the need for pain medication.

    Mainstream media has done a great job at portraying birth as painful and dangerous and convincing us that the pain should be avoided at all costs. Clear the way to a deep understanding of what actually happens and discover that a calm and confident birth experience is not just possible, but how to get it. 

  • 2

    Speed up labor progress.

    ​Learn to use simple relaxation techniques to release resistance and tension that slows labor progress. We share the ingredients for the perfect cocktail of birth hormones to progress your labor naturally. 

  • 3

    Manage fear and anxiety.

    ​Use the hypnobirthing audio tracks to prepare for labor and ensure that you stay out of the negative Fear-Tension-Pain cycle that inhibits the progress of labor and increases the need for pain management. 

  • 4

    Communicate your needs with your care provider.

    Learn how to recognise red flag conversations and k​now what questions to ask if you feel as if you are being coerced into making a decision that does not reflect your birth choices. 

  • 5

    Feel supported by your partner.

    Empower your partner with the skills he/she needs to be able to support your physical needs, recognise your emotional needs and to be your advocate if necessary. 

What YOU GET with Relax into Birth PLUS

15 modules with 105 bite-sized lessons that you can read, listen to or watch - it doesn't get better than this! Scroll down to see...

 Join us for Relax into Birth PLUS 

MODULE 1 - Birth, Fear and Hypnosis

MODULE 2 - The Physiology of Birth 

MODULE 3 - Tools for a Relaxed Labor

MODULE 4 - Medical Pain Relief Options

MODULE 5 - Breathing into a Calm Pregnancy

MODULE 6 - Breathing into Labor for Success

MODULE 7 - Creating a Sacred Birth Sanctuary 

MODULE 8 - Your Birthing Dream Team 

MODULE 9 - Optimal Positions for Labor and Birth

MODULE 10 - The Midwife Guide to Interventions and Hospital Birth 

MODULE 11 - Cesarian Birth

MODULE 12 - Bonding with your Partner

MODULE 13 - Life with a Newborn and Breastfeeding

MODULE 14 - Your Relax into Birth PLUS hypnobirthing tracks

MODULE 15 - Surrender into Birth

You get exactly what you need, and more with Relax into Birth PLUS 

I can find this info online for free?

Yes, you could. There is no shortage of information online if you are able to  discern between content that empowers you and information that fuels your fear.  If you can do that on your own without tumbling down the rabbit hole of conflicting advice and recommendations, you don't need this course.

I'm planning a cesarian birth?

Our course is designed to prepare you for an empowering birth rather than a specific mode of birth. We understand that pregnancy is dynamic and birth is unpredictable. You will benefit from understanding what is happening in your body in preparation for your baby to be born, so that you can harness your internal super powers. 

My hospital offers a free birth class?

Hospital courses are free because they do not share all the information you need to make informed decisions. The focus is on medical interventions and why you might need them, so that you don't question when you are offered them. Sorry, but that is the reality. (and I used to teach them, so I know)

​About Charlene and Karen  

Birth & Postpartum doula, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist,  HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage Practitioner, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Freelance Journalist, mother to Leonardo.

Doula Charlene 

Charlene has been a doula for a decade since the birth of her son, which launched her passion into birth work. Since her own transformational birth experience, she has supported over 300 women on their birth journeys, walking with them every step of the way. "Each birth is a gift. Each birth is a story in its own right and I strive to empower women to have a better birth, no matter what turn it takes," she says. 


"I have learnt that every single birth is different, that there is no such thing as an unnatural birth, even when your baby is born abdominally - and that mothers need good mothering when they birth their babies. 


When she fell pregnant with her son, she could not envision any other birth besides a caesarean birth, but through literal signs along the way, education and encouragement, she changed from planning an elective caesarean in hospital, to having a homebirth with an independent midwife and doula in attendance. A complete 180!


"Enter Leonardo: Literally! At 02:26 on a cool Spring morning , he swam into my arms with a lot of effort and strength, a power which I didn’t know my body was capable of. My birth story was a good one and I had an unmedicated home water birth and I can say wholeheartedly that it was the single, most life-changing and transforming event of my life."

Midwife Karen 

Karen qualified in South Africa as a Professional Nurse & Midwife in 1990 and has spent the last 30 years working on women's health and empowerment. 


“I left the hospital system in 2009 because I had a vision of creating change. At least 80% of the women I met in the labor room were not prepared for the challenges of pregnancy and birth and yet they had no way of finding the support they needed.  


As a midwife I believe wholeheartedly in birth, in nature and in women. This is reflected in everything that I create and Relax into Birth is no exception. The amount of information 

available online is overwhelming and often misleading. I strive to find the balance between understanding 21st century hospital culture and medicalisation of birth and the innate knowing we are born with. 


I support choice and believe that knowledge is power.

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Professional Nurse and Midwife, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mari Practitioner, Mama Bamba Doula, Founder - The Virtual Midwife 

But hey! Listen to what others say...

Charlene and Karen have supported over 1000 couples online and in person to go into labor thinking "YES! I've got this". They each bring their own flavor of birth magic into their teachings. If you let them, they will guide you gently to discover what you want and give you exactly what you need to make sure you get it. 


Tertia Lesch Dixon

Charlene’s new online Relax into Birth PLUS course has done exactly that - totally relaxed me for my birth! I am feeling so much more confident, armed with the most amazing tracks for birth and for life. The tools are universal and so easy to apply. I’ve loved every minute of it. Charlene and Karen's conversational and loving approach really does mirror their belief in a woman’s ability to birth her baby in her chosen way, with confidence and a belief in her own ability. It’s been an incredible experience and I am so grateful to them for sharing their knowledge in such an educational and professional, yet passionate way.

Carmen Enslin

My husband and I found the Relax into Birth PLUS course very insightful and incredibly helpful. We feel much more prepared and excited for the birth our baby boy. Knowing that we have both done research together makes this birth process beautiful and much less daunting. Thank you for all your wonderful tips and tricks! My bag of oils and LED candles are packed and we are ready for showtime!

Jen Johnson

Thank you for something definitely different to a regular antenatal course. Focused on overcoming fears and pain associated with birthing, it was something we were glad we added to our birth prep as new parents to be! Your videos, funny sense of humour , keeping it real  and telling  it like it is attitude was so refreshing♥️ 

A Sneaky Peek Inside

Is Relax into Birth PLUS Right for You?

What we know for sure is that you will get exactly what you need and more with this course. 


  • Like Charlene, you always thought an elective cesarian would be better, but you're curious to know more and you'd like to explore all your options before deciding. 

  • You'd like to have a vaginal birth with no intervention, but you need to understand when they might be necessary so that you can be an active participant in decision making.  

  • You'd like to use only hypnobirthing techniques but you'd still like to know about medical pain relief methods (just in case).   

  • This is too important to leave up to chance. You want to be informed and prepared. 


  • You have watched a few You Tube videos and downloaded a birth plan template that you will use. 

  • You have absolute trust that your care provider won't perform any unneccessary interventions and will honor your birth wishes. 

  • You would prefer to spend the money on clothes and baby equipment. Experiences aren't that important to you.

  • Your partner has convinced you that you don't need it because women have been giving birth for millions of years.

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The cherry on top...

Plus, because we want to do everything we can to help you have the best possible birth preparation, we’d love you to have these gifts…


Know how to ask about the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives and Timing of common hospital interventions. These handy pocket-size printables are essential when faced with choices you do not fully understand. 

Partner Support

Essential skills for your partner to confidently support you at every stage of labor. This guidebook goes beyond massage techniques, instilling a sense of deep trust in the process and progress of labor and how to be fully present. 

Audio Schedule

Relax into Birth Plus includes guided audio tracks and breathing exercises for pregnancy, labor and birth. Use this handy cheat sheet to plan your listening schedule and stay on track with your birth preparation. 

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