Get the Birth You Want

 3 Essential Elements

The Confidence and Skills For The Birth You Desire. 

A comprehensive online course created by Midwife Karen Wilmot


When you have knowledge you ask the right questions.


When you have skills you are prepared.


When you are prepared, you are confident.


These are the essentials of an empowered birth and I show you exactly how. 

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Each module is packed with videos, audio downloads, journals and cheat sheets to work through at your own pace.





Video Tutorials

 (value $197 

 Every module includes video tutorials with clear graphics, explanations and demonstrations of all the exciting and miraculous changes that are happening in your body. 


Audio Downloads 

(value $197)

Learn on the go as you listen to guided birth visualisations and hypnobirthing tracks. Each track is designed to address different aspects of your pregnancy and birth journey. 

Cheat Sheets

(value $197)

​Each module comes with downloadable lists for you to use during labor as well as summarised cheat sheets for quick reference (perfect for partners) 


  • What is best for you - home birth or hospital birth? (and how to prepare for them) 

  • Who will look after your health and well being? Midwife or OB/GYN and what the difference is (medical vs midwife model).

  • The 4 main reasons you may need an emergency cesarian and how will you know if it really is an emergency (as well as how to avoid one by knowing the 4 reasons)

  • Why medical interventions are done and what you can do to avoid them by understanding the normal variations of labor. 

  • How and why hypnobirthing techniques work and how you can harness the power of your mind during pregnancy and birth. 

  • How to confidently communicate your questions and needs during routine antenatal appointments so that you co-create the birth you desire. 

  • Getting comfortable with common discomforts of pregnancy (like backache, constipation, heartburn, nausea etc) because you understand "nature's safety net system" (so you know when to be concerned) 

  • The skills your partner needs to be able to support you during labor and birth.

  • How to prepare for birth (I mean that's what this is all about really, but you can't do it unless you know all that other stuff 👆🏽) 

Total Value $591  

But that's not what you are going to pay!

And that's not all you are going to get... 

The complete guide to an empowering birth packed into a comprehensive online course. 

  • Love over Fear

  • Holistic Approach 

  • Midwife Experience

  • Peace of mind

  • Freedom of Choice

  • Balanced View



🤷🏽‍♀️ Your plans have changed due to Covid and you are not clear on your options anymore. 


🤷🏽‍♀️ You are reading and listening to everything you can find about pregnancy and birth but you still feel unprepared.


🤷🏽‍♀️ This pregnancy is just too precious to leave it up to chance and hope for the best. You are a planner and an action taker.



Just a few of the awesome resources available for you in your membership area 

Confident Communication

Partner Support Manual

Birth Choices Cheat Sheet

Hospital Planning


Reframing Fear and Anxiety

Dreams & Intuition Journal

Pain Management 

Stages of Labor Cheat Sheet

But hey! Don't just take it from me 


"She answered questions we never even knew we had, even my husband who was sceptical initially, found her support invaluable"

Lauren and Johnny Kutts (South African, living in Qatar)








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      Meet Your Midwife

      Karen Wilmot


      The Virtual Midwife since 2014


      Karen started offering virtual support to couples around the world long before Corona Virus made it necessary. 

      • Shares balanced information that supports choice 

      • Skilled at supporting couples through "unusual" situations from her extensive work with expats

      • Creates realistic and relatable content (not boring blah blah blah)

      • Understands the unique needs of couples who are looking to make informed choices about their health and the health of their baby.  

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      You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone.

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