Meet Your Midwife

Oh Hello! It's me Karen

  • This is for you if you are looking for a quick fix and you need it right now.  

  • If you're all "last minute dot com" and feeling a bit panicky despite all the preparation... 

  • You just need a quick refresher because it's been a while since your last baby and you know what you would like to do differently this time around.

  • You've had your baby but you need some help with breastfeeding and sleep. Yes! I am a lactation and sleep consultant as well.  


A handy printable to know what to expect at each stage of labor so that you know when to head to the hospital.


A step by step guide to getting the information you need at every appointment and understanding medical jargon


Know the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives and Timing of the 10 most common hospital interventions so that you can avoid them unless medically necessary.