The Gold Standard in Virtual Prenatal Care 

Ongoing ​expert support alongside your routine appointments so that you don't need to wait to get answers you need immediately.

Why YOU NEED The Virtual Midwife 

  • 1

    Eliminate Online Overwhelm.

    There's no shortage of answers online and a plethora of apps to tell you what to expect at each stage of pregnancy. My focus is on YOU and YOUR pregnancy. I guide your searches and curate content specific to your needs. Clear the way to a deep understanding of what actually happens and discover that a calm and confident birth experience is not just possible, but how to get it. 

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    Answers when you need them.

    ​Each day brings new sensations and physical changes. If this is your first pregnancy, you are aware of every twinge and tingle. This is when Whatsapp is invaluable. Don't wait for your next appointment  or look for answers online. I know your medical and obstetric history, so I am able to assess the situation and reassure you or refer you accordingly.   

  • 3

    Manage fear and anxiety.

    While fear of the unknown is a normal part of pregnancy, my focus is on guiding you to a place of deep trust in your body, your baby, your partner and your birthing team. You will have ongoing access to my library of birth resources, but the magic happens when I work with fears that are specific to you (and your partner?)

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    Communicate your needs with your care provider.

    Know what to look for when choosing your care provider and birth team. Our regular calls ensure you are clear about your birth wishes and needs and I guide you to maximise every consultation with your OB/GYN by arriving prepared. 

  • 5

    Feel supported by your partner.

    Personalised care allows your partner to be involved at the level they feel comfortable with. I tailor your care accordingly and share exactly what is required so that they have the skills to be able to support your physical needs, recognise your emotional needs and to be your advocate if necessary. 

So much emphasis is placed on routine appointments, scans and blood tests. 

You spend most of your time waiting for your next visit to get information you need right now. 


Here's what you may not know

You'll only spend 10 hours with your care provider throughout your entire pregnancy - average consult 15 min..




Bespoke Expert Online Support  for Total Peace of Mind Everyday of Your Pregnancy

What you get immediately


24/7 hotline


Unlimited 24/7 Whatsapp/email support for immediate advice and answers.

Of course, you could use Google, but Google doesn't have your medical history and is legally bound to give you the worst-case scenario.

Now, how reassuring is that?  



1:1 consultation


This is the secret sauce. Regular Zoom chats so that you always know what to expect and you arrive at consultations knowing what questions to ask. I am your trusted go to person, ensuring that you get exactly what you need exactly when you need it. 





I wasn't kidding when I said don't wait until 28 weeks to start getting "birth fit".  You get immediate access to my birth preparation portal packed with resources for every stage of pregnancy. I also curate and create content specifically for you and your partner. 

Bonus Resources 

BONUS #1  -  Mind Skills and Hypnobirthing

An unprepared and frightened mind will flood your body with adrenaline and slow labor progress for as long as you're in fight or flight mode. A prepared mind has learned tools and techniques to harness the fear and transform it into pure birthing power and rushes of endorphins and oxytocin. Which do you choose?


BONUS #2  -  Birth Skills and Pain Management

Labor and birth does not have to be out of control suffering and neither should it be. Understanding what's happening gives you a sense of control over your body and your environment. Knowing how to use simple birth skills will alter how you respond to the intensity of labor and how your partner can support you best.  

BONUS #3  -  Hospital Skills and Interventions

If you're planning a hospital birth you'll need to know how to navigate the system and how to have discussions when faced with a choice. You'll need to understand risk profiles and risk aversion. Absolutely you want to make the right decision, so you need to ask the right questions. 

Is The Virtual Midwife VIP Right for You?

What I know for sure is that you will get exactly what you need and more with me. 


  • You want more than an online course. Either you don't have enough time or you already spend too much time online and you want the personal touch. 

  • You're an expat or global nomad and uncertain of the medical system and services that are available in your host country. You're not even sure what you need or what to ask for and you're miles from your family and friends. 

  • You're feeling "alone" in your pregnancy. Your friends had their babies years ago and have moved on. They're supportive but not particularly helpful.    

  • This is too important to leave up to chance. You want to be informed and prepared. 


  • You have watched a few You Tube videos and downloaded a birth plan template that you will use. 

  • You have absolute trust that your care provider won't perform any unneccessary interventions and will honor your birth wishes. 

  • You would prefer to spend the money on clothes and baby equipment. Experiences aren't that important to you.

  • Your partner has convinced you that you don't need it because women have been giving birth for millions of years.

But hey! Don't just take it from me 


"She answered questions we never even knew we had, even my husband who was sceptical initially, found her support invaluable"

Lauren and Johnny Kutts (South African, living in Qatar)

 The complete (and personalised) guide to an empowering birth that starts right now.  



​Each month I offer one couple a 25% discount. Apply the coupon code ONLYONE (one word, all capitals) to see if it's you.

You'll know this is right for you if....


🤷🏽‍♀️ Your plans have changed due to Covid and your birth options feel limited. 

🤷🏽‍♀️ You feel unprepared and uncertain despite all the apps on your phone and books by your bed. 

🤷🏽‍♀️  You're used to planning, preparing and feeling in control. 


These are just some of the things we will talk about

  • We'll use the Timeline in your Personal Pregnancy Playbook  to map out visits and plan ahead. We'll have a call before and after each appointment to prepare (what questions to ask) and debrief (what came up that you need advice on) 

  • Which supplements will you choose and why? How will you optimise your diet to support your pregnancy and lower your risk of developing gestational diabetes or high blood pressure?

  • Some blood tests are routine  and many are optional. Which ones will you choose? What do the results mean? Do you need tests over and above what's offered where you are? Which tests need to be done at a specific time in your pregnancy? 


  • Most partners are 100% fully on board but uncertain about how to show up. The reality is that their needs are different to yours and I share the tools and techniques  they need to support you best. It's a total win - win situation. 

  • What is the difference between the NT scan, ANOMOLY scan and DATING scan? How often should you have them? What do the results mean? What if you are told your baby is "too big"? These are just some of the things we chat about. 

  • Whether you choose to have a surgical birth or it's medically indicated, you'd like to know what happens, why they're done and what you can do to avoid it. This is about understanding medical interventions and how to avoid them unless medically necessary. 

  • Everything from spotting, headaches, nose bleeds, cramps, constipation, headaches, fatigue, nausea to backache. Every day you will notice something new. This is about knowing what's normal and when to seek a second opinion. 

  • It doesn't end with the birth of your baby, in fact that's when things really ramp up. I am a sleep consultant and a lactation consultatant so I shift gears and guide you to find your own rhythm as you find your way with sleep and feeding routines. 

Where else will you find this level of professional support? 


A comprehensive package completely personalised for you.


​Each month I offer one couple a 25% discount. Apply the coupon code ONLYONE (one word, all capitals) to see if it's you.











Start Your Journey Risk Free

      Karen Wilmot

      The Virtual Midwife since 2014

      • There is no "one size fits all" in birth preparation - I share balanced information that supports informed choice and guide you to find your way. 

      • I guide you to understand commonly used medical terms so that you can speak to your Ob/Gyn with confidence.  

      • All my content is realistic and relatable sharing real life experiences of hospital and home birth. 

      • I am highly skilled at supporting couples online and in "unusual" situations and I have an extensive network of resources around the world. 

      • My dedication to service excellence led me to support members of the Royal Family and Diplomatic Corps.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When will I get access to the additional resources and bonus offers?  

      How often will we chat?

      Do I have to use a desktop Computer to watch the training? 

      What happens in the event of pregnancy loss after signing up  

      Do I have to sign up for the whole pregnancy? 

      I am already 18 weeks pregnant - is it too late to join?   

      I have a high risk pregnancy - can I still join? 

      I had IVF and have been told I will need a cesarian birth - is this program for me? 

      Is the focus on natural birth?  

      Is hypnobirthing included in the program? 

      I am having an elective cesarian, do I still need this? 

      What makes this program different?

      What happens after the birth of my baby? 

      Start Your Journey Risk Free

      You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time but the truth is that 100% of my clients extend it beyond the 4th Trimester to get continued support after baby is born.

      That's how awesome this is. 


          Midwife Karen 

          Karen qualified in South Africa as a Professional Nurse & Midwife in 1990 and has spent the last 30 years working on women's health and empowerment. 


          “I left the hospital system in 2009 because I had a vision of creating change. At least 80% of the women I met in the labor room were not prepared for the challenges of pregnancy and birth and yet they had no way of finding the support they needed.  


          As a midwife I believe wholeheartedly in birth, in nature and in women. This is reflected in everything that I create and The Virtual Midwife is no exception. The amount of information 

          available online is overwhelming and often misleading. I strive to find the balance between understanding 21st century hospital culture and medicalisation of birth and the innate knowing we are born with. 


          I support choice and believe that knowledge is power.

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          Professional Nurse and Midwife, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mari Practitioner, Mama Bamba Doula, Founder - The Virtual Midwife 

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